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Sourdough making class

Click here to learn a how to make your sourdough starter from scratch.

Before following these videos you need to feed your starter. Take 2 tbsp of your starter and mix it with 60g of water and 60g flour and leave it out of the fridge to ferment 12-24h.

1st stage - part 1



500g flour:

400 strong bread flour

100 light rye

350g water

120g levain ( sourdough starter)

After mixing flour, water and levain, leave dough to rest for 30 minutes before adding salt.

1st stage - part 2 


10g salt

A splash of water

After adding salt leave the dough to rest for 30 minutes.. 

2nd stage  


Repeat the folding stage

4 times every 30 minutes.

Total bulk fermentation 2 h

After 2h of bulk fermetation ideally maintaing the dough at 25 degree if possible (try a bowl of warm water under the bread bowl)...

3rd stage  


Give your dough a nice round shape then you have 2 options:

1. Leave the dough in a bannetons until double in size around 4h then bake it

2. Leave the dough in a banneton for 1-2h then put it in the fridge up to 12h for a slow prooving time then bake it

4th stage  


Turn your oven to 250°- 275° and place a thick tray for your bread and a bowl with water under the tray for steam.

Leave the oven warming up for 20 minutes.


Place your bread onto the tray and bake for 20 min.

Then turn temperature down to 200°- 240° and remove bread from tray and put it straight onto the rack. Bake until golden brown!

Yummi stage!

After 40 min your bread should be ready.

Tap on the base to test if it is ready!

Leave it in a cooling rack then slice it and tast it!!!

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