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Since its inception in 2008, Coexist has been working relentlessly to create a space in which the community can grow, share, collaborate, and learn what it is to live in coexistence with each other.

We are building a community movement dedicated to protecting community spaces and enhancing them for future generations. Together we are Rebuilding The Commons!

Board of Directors


Rob Mitchell

Media Educator /
Creative Producer

Rob is an educator and media producer who uses media and arts to work with people and communities - for developing talents and community.


Rob is also a writer, performer and filmmaker. He is keen on the values and aspirations demonstrated in the way Coexist works - with communities, creativity, environment and nature.


Rachel de Garang

Consultant /
Trainer / Mentor

Rachel is a Consultant, Trainer and Mentor, with expertise gained over 28 years working in the community and voluntary sector. She has acquired a deep knowledge and understanding of integrating different cultural groups; dealing with racism and

discrimination in the work place and wider community.


Rachel offers support to employers to increase the diversity of their workforce and improve their cultural competency, as well as delivering training on equality, diversity and communication across cultures.


Daniel Balla

Facilitator / Artivist /
Community Activist

Daniel is a creative facilitator dedicated to creating systemic change. He explores human relationships with the world and each other through immersive projects of participatory theatre, storytelling and film. 


Daniel is passionate about facilitation and experiential tools for participatory democracy.  He has worked with Coexist since 2011, and is dedicated to exploring strategies for systemic change including Coexist’s manifesto to ‘Rebuild The Commons’.

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